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USA Football Certification

Make sure to complete your USA Football certification before All Blaine Kick-Off Night, August 23rd.    See your email for more details on registration, training, and the certification process for USA Football.

For Parents


Coaches Concussion Training Certification

 Blaine Youth Football requires all coaches to complete the concussion training certification.  The certification is free and is good for three years, but must be completed or verified by all coaches prior to their first contest of each season.  

MN Concussion Law Announcement
Minnesota Legislature's New "Concussion Law" Requires Online Training for All Coaches and Officials and Concussion Education for all Parents and Athletes Starting this Fall, 2011.

The Minnesota Legislature recently passed a "Concussion Law" which requires any municipality, business, school district or nonprofit organization that organizes a youth athletic activity and charges a fee to follow the statute's requirements, including implementing concussion training and education to improve player safety and establish safe return-to-play policies for athletes who sustain a concussion.

The law mandates that:
  • All coaches (head and assistants) and officials receive concussion training and education by September 1, 2011, and then at three-year intervals thereafter.

  • Coaches must remove an athlete from activity if they exhibit signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion and/or are suspected of sustaining a concussion.

The law also requires a doctor's signature to return to play if an athlete is removed due to a concussion or is showing signs or symptoms of a concussion.

Weather and Weather Related Cancellation Policy and Procedure:

Blaine Youth Football practices and games will be cancelled for severe weather (lightning is a main factor) or if fields have been subjected to prolonged wet/rainy conditions. Game cancellations will be posted on the home page of this Website. Games can and will be conducted in rainy conditions (if the weather is not severe). Each coach is allowed to use his/her discretion on canceling practices for any reason and is responsible for communicating the cancellation of practice(s) to parents.

NGIN Team Website Training Video

This is a great training video on how to set up your 'Sport NGIN' team page courtesy of Farmington Youth Hockey.